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NEW EXPORT SCRIPT! Polar has changed its website and added tokens. The script was adopted. Please let me know if you encounter any troubles!

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: I´ve upgraded my server and internet connection. You have now the possibility to extract 180 days of training at once! I hope this makes this service more convenient when exporting trainings from a long duration! Have fun!

This web service allows to export tcx training files within a time range from flow.polar.com webservice to keep an offline backup or upload to other training portals (sporttracks etc.).

The flow.polar.com login information is only stored in variables to login into the flow.polar.com website and are deleted once the files are exported.

By now 5206 users have exported 1183231 trainings from flow.polar.com portal!

If you encounter any problems or have other questions, feel free to e-mail me naiboo@gmx.at

If you appreciate my work you can buy me a beer or a coffee to fuel my body and new projects! Thank you!

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